five a day...and you've got a journal!

I found a great way to get going on a journal! It is doable, manageable and pretty. Write 5 things that happen each day in a cute moleskine pocket notebook, then stamp each page of the book with a date stamp.
Something I'd like to add is a good things list. There may be days when I come up with 20 things, and other days when I may only be able to think of 5. But, they will be fun to look back and read!!!...hoping to fill lots of little notebooks up!

This cute "five a day" idea came from inchmark! (love the handwriting and bright red stamp!)

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brit.brit.brit said...

done. lets get on this. hey..can your mom pick us up some date stamps..?? i'm thinkin she has access to these cause she's a teacher..?