Homemade Snow Globe Gift Tags

We've had fun this week putting together snow globes for gifts. I created this gift tag to attach to ours. Now my gift to you! Happy Holidays!


oaks from acorns!

Pei Wei for dinner tonight.. fortune cookie fortune:

"Start that project which will make a difference. Act! Oaks from acorns."

Okay, I'm starting.. can't wait to see what the oaks will be. There are ALOT of acorns on my plate.
Designed this to remember & share. :)


Simplicity + Joy + Consistency = 2011

New Year = New Motto! I love this one. I think it's perfect. So I've adopted it & made it my own w/an extra word added to the equation. :)

Simplicity + Joy + Consistency = 2011
(Free print designed by Perch + Bumble. Click on graphic above to download)

With the added excitement & busyness that has come with going from 2 to 3 kids, growing a business, and keeping my life in balance, I think a motto like this one will definitely help guide me and keep things in check. 


Crayon Valentines

Emma's Valentines this year... "You Make Me Smile" with a crayon heart attached.

photograph of emma taken by jules!

 (crayon heart instructions found here)
Happy Valentines!


Dinner Picnic up on a hill.

Labor Day Weekend + Spontaneous Planning = Fun Dinner!

Having this "picnic" felt a little like we were characters from the movie, Sense & Sensibility. Maybe it had something to do with friends eating outdoors, table set up on a hill, with a rolling field in the background & our cute town below. Love the thought, anyway! :)


the forgotten web standard

it's not often that we get to have a look at the creative process that occurs behind the scenes of good design. i love how the designer of this clip was able to capture this process as he designed pages for his website & presentation. have a look! be inspired.
(the soundtrack is worthwhile too!)



My friend, Jenn (of ambrosia girl) has designed something fun for mother's day! It's a beautiful card that we (moms) can to give to our significant other's to point them in the right direction for mother's day. love it!!!

Free download of card above designed by Jenn!


emma's valentines: 5, 4, 3...

One of my favorite yearly traditions, since Emma began preschool @ 3 yrs old, has been to design a fun valentine card with her. 

{Valentine Card - 2009}

Emma's valentine card last year...

{Valentine Card - 2008}

Emma's Valentine @ 3yrs old...

{Valentine Card - 2007}

Lastly....a sneak peek at the bulletin board in my office!

home to lots of cards, rainbows, family pics, & inspiration.


Lions & Tigers & Bears...the Shower!

Before my sweet nephew was born...we threw a safari themed shower for my sis, Heather. Picking a theme for the party was an easy one! Heather had done a beautiful job of creating a safari themed nursery. It was so fun to see the shower guests get in on the theme and bring gifts that went along with it!

 CUTE tags by my friend & amazing co-hostess: Brit!
(see more details of this shower on her blog: mostlikleylate.blogspot.com)

Zebra Bites: aka. Chocolate Crackles (recipe from Martha)
I made these late the night before. One of my favorites!...
because there's chocolate involved!

African Clouds: Brit's famous meringues!

laughing hyenas: snickerdoodles
(my mom's delicious cookies!..and a big hit!)

chunky monkey: banana oatmeal...yum...made by Brit.

The Spread!
(glass jars from target, nordstroms, ikea...Labels on Jars created by Brittany!)

The Watering Hole: refreshments
(chocolate soymilk, whole milk, water...)

Little name tags for the cups:
I made these tags out of wrapping paper from The Paper Source. The tag punch is from Stampin Up.

Thanks to Megan, Steph, Krista & my Mom for helping us with the baking!

The favor bags & labels were sewn & made by Brit!

The happy prego - my sis! 
(giraffe was handmade by Tif...so cute!)


looking up...

While driving up to LA this past Saturday to take this class...this is what i saw when i looked up! It made me smile.

i love: heart clouds (especially on Valentines day!)

I took a few pictures while stopped at this light. 


sweet valentine

image from i.anton's flickr photostream
wishing you a happy day!

Here are a few of my favorite Valentine posts this year...

"i love you more than_(blank)_." this site has hundreds of creative answers...you can contribute something as well!

b mine (original valentines submitted for Kate Spade's annual contest...click & send them here...for free!)

"things i love about you" (a gift idea I'm saving for next year)

my little valentine (so cute - little homemade gift idea!...by inchmark!)

"i heart you bike" tags found here. how fun would it be to gift a few bikes with one of these sweet letterpress tags:

(tags made by heroes&criminals)


Ambrosia Girl Valentines. Sharin' the love.

My friend, Jenn (the super talented graphic designer of Ambrosia Girl), has posted these cute valentine cards that she created. You can download them here to print out at home for free. So nice!!!

For the best results...print on a thick stock of paper (ie: 80lbs or heavier)


Phonetics. I know I'm going to miss this!!

Emma's writing has been so fun to read lately!
(My friend & photographer extraordinaire, Tiffany Pond, took these of Emma 
@ school...she's in kindergarten)

I'm loving how she's spelling and piecing together 
her w-o-r-d-s!

Stoodeeo (aka studio). 
Phonetics = the way we ought to be writing! :)


love this!

This is fun to watch AND so original!! 
I love the little sock fish and wind storm....
I could watch it again and again.


marian bantjes...here!

She is going to be in San Diego tonight as the AIGA guest lecturer and I'll be there!...can't wait! I've posted about her work before...here

Marian is one of my favorite typographers/designers. Her work is incredible. She's having her first art show, opening on Friday at Cal Poly SLO!...something to attend if you can! She is so talented! 

I love the snowflakes she created for a project commissioned by Saks Fifth Avenue...and this "want it" project, too. It's incredible how one brilliant design idea can blossom into an ad campaign, signage, environmental graphics, fabric, jewelry, & store window displays.



I love stripes! The stripes by this gal are so fun. FILLED with COLOR, energy & some structure...& simple...kinda how i'm hoping 2009 is! 

Art of Jaime Shelman (rainbow series 4) ...first seen here by Abbey.

No. 1 on my list for the new year is: simplify. No. 2 is to pick a name for the letterpress/design studio and create an identity system for it. I have a few company names I've thought up, but I'm afraid to share just yet...i'd love any ideas too!! 
I promise I'll post some pics too, from Christmas & New Years...after this baby shower & a few projects have passed!


cup of JOY!

(image: hot chocolate @ the lindt cafe taken by this flickr gal)
wishing you a sweet christmas and happy holidays!



Every Christmas, I have fun coming up with something new for our Christmas card. Here's what we mailed today! (cards were printed @ home with my Canon MP600 inkjet printer...otherwise known as the workhorse.)

card: front (taylor & emma really enjoyed this photo op!
hmmm...wonder why!?)

card: back

card: inside (i used a color combination inspired by this ad.)


canille de vanille

canille de vanille = one of my favorite cooking blogs!

i love the way she gifted her treats above...
tags, paper lining, parchment bag & red & white twine

To learn how aran prepares each dish & it's beautiful presentation click here! her PHOTOGRAPHY = amazing!!!
...she is a talent force!