grey and yellow...

i don't know what it is about the two...but when paired together = beautiful!!! Grey=calm, cool, falls to the background, mellow, sleepy. Yellow=cheerful, rich hues, awake!, jumps to the foreground, warm. Perhaps it's the give & take of the two colors working together that creates a harmony in print and design.

Check out the prints by designer Fiona Howard! I think a wedding would be AMAZING in these two colors. Bridesmaid dresses in silver/grey with yellow sashes or flowers in hair. Brides gown in white with yellow sash and grey heels.
Sprigs of grey and bold, flowers balls in rich hues of yellow! Love it!

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Megan said...

someone's being mushy!! blech a roonie. ;) (btw - feel free to delete my comments if they are too younger- sisterly like.) ;) cuz you definitely have a classy website. :)