just clip it!

Look out loose piles of papers! (yep...I'm referring to the endless TO DO lists, outgoing mail, field trip permission slips, love notes, checks, tickets....that float freely about my house.) Martha's done it again...I found this in September's issue of Living. Hmmm...which wall to put it on? That is the question!
note to self: add "find cute coordinating fabric" to my latest to do list.


Eduardo Dantas said...

Eduardo Dantas
João Pessoa, PB, BRAZIL

Malala said...

I also like the idea
nice blog

Elisa York said...

Thanks! The "how to" can be found in the magazine.

Megan said...

I love that you also have a blog now! :) I can actually know what you guys are doing. :) you have love notes floating around in your house? lol. wow! ;) this is an awesome idea. i need it for my classroom. not for love notes. for other stuff. :)

Elisa York said...

yep on the notes...i know...they are floaters...from the last 8 yrs of valentines, mothers day, fathers day and b'days. I need to file them right! The majority are stashed in the antique desk at the top of the flight of stairs...i have a few in my desk in the office too...mostly the uncashed coupons cards...like dinner & a movie, or homemade pie, etc.
You NEED to start a blog too!...and I love the idea of the clip boards for your classroom!