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I love the thin & thick lines of this logo...echoing the turn of a pen with pressure and lifts. This logo was created by an amazing artist out of the UK, Emma Smart. Be sure to take a peek at her portolio...you won't be disappointed.

I couldn't resist adding one more of Emma's pieces.
note to self: add "learn how to embroider" to the ever growing TO DO list.


brit.brit.brit said...

wow. it's crazy how you pick up on the simplest details..and make us see how important every line and dot is..{are?}

go to bed.rest up...so you can show us more tomorrow!

{and the .refreshing. would be in a sanserif.naurally.}

seesaw designs said...

lovelies - thank you for sharing.

Elisa York said...

Thanks Brit! San serif of course!

Kudos to seesaw for the comment! Love the blog over at seesawdesigns.blogspot.com...keeps me current and informed on the latest happenings in the design world!

Megan said...

that hello has like a billion french knots. increible. must have been done with a sewing machine, right? it would take TONS of time to hand embroider that. I've done french knots... they are fun but a billion of them? uch.

Elisa York said...

Hiii Megan! Yeah...I'm so glad you found my blog. You've done french knots before?...you'll have to teach me how. I'm pretty sure this one was done by hand...check the link in the post. Feel free to comment however...you are my sis...so I give you permission.