"frothy fall dahlias" from {frolic!}

I'm still not ready to give up my summer. Taylor was born in May and it feels like we skipped right over this season. It's been so warm outside the past couple of days that summer seems to have started right up again. Over here, I found this picture, and a way that I can keep summer going right up to Thanksgiving: Fall colors + dahlias! These flowers are summer flowers in my book...and I LOVE that they come in warm colors. Chelsea's idea to pair them up with crabapples and pears is beautiful. 
(in case you didn't know...green is complimentary to the warmer colors of the color wheel, so it gives the coral & ruby tones a vibrancy and "pop" that wouldn't happen if paired next to an analogous color. A fun project = make your own color wheel out of paint, fabric, wallpaper...take a look at how the colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel look when placed together...the results can sometimes cause a simultaneous contrast.)

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