tuxedo b+w

a favorite color combination is black + white. i like to mix the two in just about everything! hence my love for the tuxedo hot chocolate (from Starbucks = a combination of white & dark c.); a regular craving for chocolate chip cookies with the mix of white, milk & semi-sweet chocolate chips; a love for black frames with white matte boards, black shirts with white pearls, white dinnerware, serving pieces, linens, towels, black or white monograms, and more! 

lately, i've had a fascination with wedding sites...not because I'm planning for any weddings, BUT because they are full of AMAZING, thoughtful, jaw-dropping, design ideas...that can be translated into everyday home design, graphic design, gifts or small celebrations in the home. 

this inspiration board from here, is sweet! love the photo booth pics, the tall glasses w/ black straws & lime slices, the CAKE! ('specially w/the large, whimsical type...i'm a sucker for anything TYPOGRAPHY!), the skinny black tie with white stripes, and the wedding invitation packaging...

(for more on the images above, click here)

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