our cute house...

...gingerbread house! With Emma as our foreman, we built it from the ground up...and of course...filled up our tummies along the way. Who can resist a gingerbread house made of york peppermint patties, white chocolate reese pb cups, m&m's, white & semi-sweet ch. chips, and dentyne gum (used on our walkway)? it's been a challenge, but we've managed to NOT have any tasters since building completion. we'll see how long this can last! :)

emma created this "christmas book," then folded it up & 
placed it inside the house to be read and looked at on demolition day.

my favorite: the dentyne pathway


Brandy-Blue said...

that's amazing! ours was destroyed and eaten within hours of making it!

KaraLyn said...

My brother was here visiting this weekend. He commented that ours had a problem of - no chocolate. Erin told me about yours, and we will definitely be taking some tips for next year. It is adorable, and much better tasting than ours I am sure. However, I did not consume a single calorie from ours. I am sure I will not be able to say the same if we follow your lead. You are amazing in everything you do. Heather's shower was darling.