sweet valentine

image from i.anton's flickr photostream
wishing you a happy day!

Here are a few of my favorite Valentine posts this year...

"i love you more than_(blank)_." this site has hundreds of creative answers...you can contribute something as well!

b mine (original valentines submitted for Kate Spade's annual contest...click & send them here...for free!)

"things i love about you" (a gift idea I'm saving for next year)

my little valentine (so cute - little homemade gift idea!...by inchmark!)

"i heart you bike" tags found here. how fun would it be to gift a few bikes with one of these sweet letterpress tags:

(tags made by heroes&criminals)


brit.brit.brit said...


hooray!! found it.. enjoy! loved these cubbies!

Elisa said...

oooo! love the honeycomb pattern of the cubbies...wonder where she FOUND those!