Crayon Valentines

Emma's Valentines this year... "You Make Me Smile" with a crayon heart attached.

photograph of emma taken by jules!

 (crayon heart instructions found here)
Happy Valentines!


melissa said...

so cute elisa! love them. I was already thinking I would try the heart crayon idea next year for kindergarten- avery's school does not allow any sweets for valentines day (or any holiday)?! love your packaging! adorable photo of emma too!

seesaw designs said...

(those are super cute.)

just wanted to let you know that i answered your question about those tweed shoes over on seesaw's blog, but thought i'd hop over here and let you know in case you didn't check back.

those tweed flats are from urban outfitters. they come in a bunch of colors. i have a pair and love them! hope that helps.