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Portfolio #3:
Orange Travel Poster
Acrylic on wood

There is a fun creative process that happens in graphic design. It often includes concept development, research, sketches, type comps, color boards, multiple layouts, revisions, etc. After working through these steps, there is a moment when a deep breathe can be taken and you feel inside that "the piece is complete." A finished work of art may take a couple of hours to create or a few months.

For this project, I enjoyed researching the City of Orange & developing the concept. There were over a hundred sketches & tissue layovers...a computer could not be used! (Back in the days of William Morris and the arts & crafts movement, computers did not exist...everything was done by hand.) 
Orange is a beautiful place...filled with history, a thriving farm culture, the railroad, craftsman architecture, and of course...oranges! Instead of canvas, I felt this poster needed to be painted on a piece of wood (reminiscent of old wooden fruit crates.) Once painted I was able to sand down the background and allow some of the wood grain to come through.

Here's a peek at some of the design process and development (ie: early sketches, research, layers, etc).

early concept sketches

some of the research:
1) old postcard from orange
2) old railroad type
3) William Morris textile patterns!...a must see!
4) fruit labels found on old wooden crates

layers in final poster:

finished poster (handpainted)
acrylic on wood

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