pumpkin row

Emma & I had fun making these paper pumpkins. We hung them up, each with their own special ribbon, in the arch of the 2nd floor hallway. ...so fun for her to run up the steps and be greeted by the CUTE bunch! See how to make them here. Designer Vicky Shields from Three Wheels Turning thought up the cute idea. Be sure to check out her super cute stationary shop also!

Yahoo! We did it!

Pumpkins all in a row!


Vicki said...

Oh Elisa--I just LOVE them! Thank you so much for sharing!

And thanks for introducing me to your blog, your designs, and those stinkin cute children of yours :)

brit.brit.brit said...

woohoo!!i am one of the happy recipients of these wonderfully handcrafted pumpkins. can we make some mobiles for our next babies..?

or for us??
thanks again.
you're the best.